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Fr JohnBosco Ikemeh

Kassie Braun Memorial Schools, Abakaliki (KBMS) is a private Christian school consisting of three arms, the nursery/primary school, the secondary school and a sixth form (advance level) of applied practical knowledge. At present we have only the secondary arm of the school. KBMS is an only boarding secondary school. The setting of this magnificent institution compels the learner to be practical, hence the emphasis on being a school of applied practical knowledge.
The school opened her doors for the JSS-1 students in 2019. Teaching and supervision is provided in collaboration with the Divine Mercy Ecumenical Family (DMEF), resident dedicated clergymen and dedicated lay teachers and staff.
The school is named in memory of Kassandra Arielle Braun (December 19, 1996 – November 7, 2017), the goddaughter of Reverend JohnBosco Ikemeh. Kassie’s passion for the poor led her to leave the comfort of her home in the United States to travel to Ghana in West Africa to teach in a rural school. She was determined to finish college and return to Ghana to live among the poor and help educate the children who were less privileged than she was. She did not live to accomplish that dream, but she inspired us to take action to help people less privileged than ourselves so that they too have a chance to compete in this ever-competitive world. Today “Kassie” stands for social justice, leadership and service. Kassie’s spirit lives on in this school to challenge everyone to give in all ways from the abundance or from the little of what they have received.

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